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Augmented Reality, Artivive & Bella Volen's art

Bringing ART to LIFE with movement, colours and sound. Meet the augmented reality app-ARTIVIVE Thank you Artivive for helping me to ...

Apple's Tim Cook Is Betting on Augmented Reality

I will immediately reply to any legitimate copyright concerns should one exist.* *DOD Non-Endorsement Disclaimer: "The appearance of U.S. Department of ...

Augmented Reality and Architecture

Shared from my #HoloLens.

Virtual / Augmented Reality mit 3D-Scans

Dass 3D-Scans nicht nur zur Herstellung kleiner 3D-Figuren verwendet werden, zeigt diese kleine Visualisierung. Für einen Kunden, der die Software für ...

Xmas Augmented Reality Game

Fun-filled Augmented Reality Game during one of Christmas Event at a Mall in Malaysia.

Pokemon Go played on Augmented Reality Glasses – BBC Click

Augmented Reality (jukedeck)

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